Welcome to Al's Weird and Wonderful Little Homepage


Welcome to Al's Weird & Wonderful Little Home Page.

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If you're expecting a page about Ham Radio based on the domain name, I'm just not doing much with that hobby right now. Certainly not enough to need a web page.

It serves no purposes, other than nostalgia, but I keep it up as a placeholder for the domain.This page is the descendant of the first web pages I ever created, back in the days of NCSA Mosaic and the Buffalo Free Net. I was so excited when background images became part of HTML and I added that cool background. The banner was created with Corel Draw and a couple other image editing programs to get the funky fonts. It's been so over-optimized for file size, it looks awful. I can remember uploading the files over the dial-up lines using Kermit. Boy was it a big deal when I finally could get a PPP connection through an ISP called Delphi. Little did I know they would go out of business and I'd end up working for an automotive components company with the same name.